Tlaloc's Path


Day long scenic english spoken hike just outside of Mexico City, including a guided meditation, breakfast / lunch / dinner and the opportunity to connect with other likeminded people.

Along the way, we will visit some of the ceremonial points of worship to the water gods of the native people of Mexico City. We will also visit beautiful viewpoints, be next to one of the last free-flowing rivers in the city, enter an aqueduct guided by a meditation, and finally, we will taste typical Mexican food at stands with over hundreds of years of Mexican folklore.

Allow yourself to recognize the path of water, connect with the local culture, and meet other members of the community who share a similar mindset.

The routes described, as well as their itineraries, are subject to change without prior notice due to weather conditions, seasonality, availability in the communities, or sanitary measures.


Technical specifications




+714 m
– 775 m


We will spend 1 day in a temperate forest.

All our routes include medical insurance, round transportation, food, connection dynamics, guides, loan of walking sticks, 10L and waterproof backpack and lodging when the route is more than one day.

Meet the community

EcoDínamos is a Rural Production Society that belongs to La Magdalena Contreras “Atlihtic” community. This community is of great importance for the biocultural balance of the Bosque del Sur in Mexico City and is made up of community volunteers who are dedicated to cleaning, conversation, and safeguarding these forests that provide up to 20% of the aquifer fill of the CDMX.

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Introspecta ajusco cochico 1 hiking trekking montañismo y senderismo


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